Dolceacqua is a privileged starting point for visiting not only the Val Nervia, but also the nearby Côte d’Azur.

A ten-minute drive from Dolceacqua takes you to the medieval village of Rocchetta Nervina.

In the summer months, you should not miss the opportunity to take a refreshing dip in the cool and crystalline waters of the “lakes” or to walk along the streams, totally immersed in a fairy tale landscape.

In about 30 minutes by car it is possible to reach Bordighera Alta, from where the Ancient Path of Beodo starts, a suggestive walk immersed in an ancient palm grove, portrayed by Claude Monet. This walk follows the ancient path of the Bordighera aqueduct (in fact, béodo): in the first section it overlooks the coast, then continues inland and enters the Beodo Wood. Continuing on the path, you will arrive in the village of Sasso.

In mezz’ora di automobile si arriva a Colle Melosa, località che fa parte del Comune di Pigna, posta a 1.542 metri di altitudine ai piedi del Monte Torreggio e Pietravecchia. Da Colle Melosa parte uno dei sentieri più belli delle Alpi Liguri di ponente, quello Degli Alpini, che porta sino alla vetta del Monte Toraggio. Sul colle c’è una bella pista per lo sci di fondo ed il rifugio Allavena.

In half an hour by car you can reach Colle Melosa, a locality that is part of the Municipality of Pigna, located at 1,542 meters above sea level at the foot of Monte Toraggio and Pietravecchia. One of the most beautiful trails in the western Ligurian Alps starts from Colle Melosa, that of the Alpini, which leads to the summit of Mount Toraggio. On the hill there is a beautiful track for cross-country skiing and the Allavena refuge.

About an hour and a half drive away is Triora, the medieval town perched at 800 meters above sea level in the Argentina valley, famous for being called the “town of witches” due to the tragic history of persecution of witchcraft which took place in 1500. Today all this it is told in the Ethnographic and Witchcraft Museum opened in 2016. The town can be reached by passing from the hinterland on the characteristic road that passes through Colle Langan and then arrives in Triora and returns descending from the sea to Arma di Taggia.

A half hour drive takes you to the Principality of Monaco, the emblem of the Côte d’Azur, its exceptional location, between the sea and the mountains, its gardens, its sporting and cultural events … so many opportunities that make Monaco the destination ideal for a pleasant outing.

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